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To what field atomic power belongs to

What growth rate has India attained in the agricultural production in the five decades of economic planning in India?

The study of which subject is needed to understand the laws of physics.

This is not included in the commercial energy

The facility not included in infrastructure

Along with development the share of industrial sector in production and employment

In which country industrial revolution took place during 1750 AD to 1830

What was the population of India in 1901 AD

After which AD modernization in industries emerged in India.

On which axis the illiteracy ratio of the country is to be shown.

During 1750 and 1830 AD this revolution took place in England

Population of India lives in rural Areas.

The comparison of the population of India and china is called.

Which industry was started with British capital borrowed from England

This type of Figure is convenient for same type of data/single data.

Along with development, the share of agriculture in production and employment

The higher rate of life expectancy suggests that the improvement in facilities of

Electricity generated by coal is known as

What system of economic management did India accept because of the short coming of the monetary management of capitalism and communism?

What was the rate of increase in the total national income during first three decades?

India adopted for planning instead of market system because

Who started/established the Tata iron and steel company in 1907

How many alternatives are there for the changes in ownership in privatization?

When did the first five year plan begin after independence?

Which year is known as the great divided in the India population?

In the year 2001, the import of crude oil in India was

What is the share of India in the total production of mineral coal in the whole Asia-pacific

When was the first planning commission created?

Till 19th century India was considered to be

What is the rate of import duty in chain in comparison to India?

India had 25% of poverty proportion I which century?

What is the order of India in the world population?

What type of science is economics?

Which industry was started with Indian capital and Indian entrepreneurship in India

What is the rank of India in the production of mineral coal in the Asia pacific

In taking long term economic decision.

The knowledge of which subject is useful to understand the analysis of economics.

Which country has lower per capital income than India?

Which countries did not accept the concept of the free movement of labour in the matter of globalization.

As a result of economic development

What was included in the modern industries

When was ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Commission) established

The platform for procuring mineral oil undertook off shore drilling in

To what extent the total population of India increased during the decade 1901 to 2001 AD?

According to new industrial policy in 1956. States had accepted the responsibility of how many industries?

Which law was legislated to stop centralization and monopoly of economic power?

Which industry developed to become the biggest industry in the world.

During 17th and 18th century Indian used to primarily import these goods.

Infrastructure suggests conveniences

For equal proportions and their comparative study. This figure is suitable.

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